Questions about our Rod Sleeves?

Here are the most asked questions....
  • How do you get the "Buy 6 get 2 Free" deal? When you go to checkout, make sure to checkout with the ones you want for free in your cart. It will not automatically add them for you, that is your job. Example: checkout with 8 in your cart and it will only charge you for 6. 
  • Can you compound the deal to get more for free? Yes, if you want 2 free then checkout with 8 in your cart, if you want 4 free then checkout with 16 in your cart. Ect
  • What does the letter on the rod sleeve package mean?  C = Casting Rod Sleeve, CXL = XL Casting Rod Sleeve, SXL = XL Spinning Rod Sleeve, S = Spinning Rod Sleeve
  • How long are the rod sleeves? Our casting sleeve is 64 inches long, our spinning sleeve is 62 inches, and XL is 70 inches. 
  • How long is the drawstring? They are about 12 inches long, They also stretch. 
  • Do they float? Yes
  • Are they snag-resistant? Yes, unless you decide to yank a hook as hard as you can into them on purpose 
  • Are they reinforced at the rod tip? They are double-stitched at the top and are made to last.