Questions about our Rod Sleeves?

Here are the most asked questions....
  • What does the letter on the rod sleeve package mean?  C = Casting Rod Sleeve, CXL = XL Casting Rod Sleeve, SXL = Xl Spinning Rod Sleeve, S = Spinning Rod Sleeve
  • How long are the rod sleeves? Our casting sleeve is 64 inches long and our spinning sleeve is 62 inches, XL is 70 inches. 
  • How long is the draw string? They are roughly 11.5 inches long once you make the loop on the end. 
  • Do they float? Yes
  • Are they snag resistant? Yes, unless you decide to yank a hook really hard into them on purpose 
  • Are they reinforced at the rod tip? They are double stitched at the top and are made to last.
  • How do you setup the draw string so you can attach it to your reel?